Company History - Profile

EMKAT S.A. is a contracting and construction company a dynamic organization which has and constitutes to develop rapidly.

It was established in 1976 after linking up and absorbing Technical & Electrical Ltd, which had gained considerable experience from undertaking and carrying out successful projects at the time both in Greece and in Saudi Arabia on behalf of the Public and Private Sector. Projects in the Company’s agenda included civil works as high store buildings and private villas and Electrical & Mechanical works from Street lighting to high tension & overhead distribution as well as HVAC, plumbing and waste systems etc.

In 1981, Greece focused in the strengthening of one of its core for the economy sectors the Agricultural and especially the Agricultural Industry. EMKAT S.A. having the engineering experience and background as well as the international exposure and dynamic infrastructure combined those and was quickly transformed to an organization providing Turn Key projects and offering complete solutions comprising of concrete or steel buildings together with advanced processing equipment and technology for serving the Agro - Industry. The company developed its activities towards this direction and participated in tenders of mainly the former Agricultural Cooperative unions as well as other Bodies of Greece public sector however working closely with the private sector as well. Many projects were undertaken and successfully completed making thus the company strengthening its presence by increasing its know how and offered products. In addition the company entered into joint ventures for the construction of Major projects.

One οf great importance is the unique Cottonseed Diluted Sulphuric Acid Chemical Delinting processing technology EMKAT S.A. has engineered through Research and Development. Recognizing the importance for cotton seed and the innovative method the Hellenic Cotton organization with its decision No. 14389/6.10.83 as well as the Agricultural Co-operative Unions of the largest cotton producing areas clearly showed their preference and entrusted EMKAT S.A. with the construction of those first processing plants.

For this unique technology EMKAT S.A. was awarded in 1986 in the U.S.A and in 1987 in Paris by the European Community.

In 1993, the company turned its focus again abroad. It continued its expansion by constructing & delivering projects in new markets where the company’s Know How and expertise was required.

Today the company enjoys global recognition which was gained from both its successful projects as well as its continuous commitment to serve its clients in a very demanding and competitive environment.

    • delinting large 3
    • industrial refrigeration large 1
    • drying plant large 2
    • silos large 7
    • industrial refrigeration large 5
    • steel2
    • delinting large 2
    • silos large 2
    • steel6
    • concrete4
    • processing standardization large 1
    • electr mechanicacal large 3
    • industrial refrigeration large 3
    • delinting large 6
    • handling treating large 4
    • handling treating large 2
    • industrial refrigeration large 2
    • delinting large 1
    • steel structure large 3
    • delinting large 7
    • silos large 1
    • grinning plants large 6
    • processing standardization large 2
    • drying plant large 1
    • grinning plants large 5
    • concrete2
    • grinning plants large 1
    • delinting large 4
    • silos large 4
    • steel8
    • drying plant large 3
    • concrete6
    • steel4
    • industrial refrigeration large 4
    • silos large 8
    • grinning plants large 2
    • grinning plants large 4
    • delinting large 5
    • silos large 6
    • handling treating large 3
    • grinning plants large 3
    • silos large 5
    • concrete5
    • silos large 3
    • handling treating large 1
    • steel structure large 1
    • delinting large 8
    • electr mechanicacal large 1
    • electr mechanicacal large 2
    • steel structure large 2

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